10 most frequently asked

1. Where is GoldGuard’s gold storage facility?

The Gold storage facility is in Singapore. Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, Floor #03-02A Certis CISCO Center II, 20 Jalan Afifi, Singapore 409179, Singapore.

This move was made from for the key reason that Silver Bullion’s vault, The Safe House, allows for greater transparency. Additionally, Silver Bullion’s geo-political situation ensures that stakeholder’s investments are not subject to regional political instability and volatile market movements.

2. What type of gold does GoldGuard purchase?

We purchase bullion, typically Metalor which is .9999 in purity

3. Can I visit the vault where my gold is being stored?

Yes, you may. This is one of the main reasons that GoldGuard has started working with Silver Bullion in Singapore. Any investor interested in viewing their precious metal investments may contact Silver Bullion directly and make an appointment for secure viewing.

4. Can I visit GoldGuard representatives in their office?

Our business model is that of an online retailer and as such we maintain this for scalability. Many businesses have adopted this modus operandi such as Amazon, Ebay, Souq etc. Our support channels are very proactive and available for all queries.

5. Is my gold being audited?

The gold is audited by PwC and all audits are conducted on a year end basis. In the case of GoldGuard, the Shariah board also regularly review and conduct audits on the gold. This results in a doubly secure dual-audit verification process for our precious metal assets.

6. Where can I see the auditing reports?

All audit reports will be published on our websites at the end of the financial year. Once published, they will be made them available for everyone.

7. Is my gold insured?

Yes, the gold is fully insured by Silver Bullion and the policy is comprehensive. For more details please follow the link http://www.thesafehouse.sg/Documents.

8. How can I guarantee that the gold storage vault is always in full reserve?

To ensure we always operate a full reserve policy we have a number of measures in place such as external and Shariah auditors, as well as an accessible storage facility. We have outsourced the important functions such as gold purchase and storage to the best in the business to generate trust, transparency and independent verification to the precious assets. This is all in audition to being regularly auditing by the market-leaders.

9. Will I lose my money if GoldGuard stops existing as a company?

In the unlikely event GoldGuard entered into liquidation investors would always be able to withdraw the spot value of their gold. This means that any loss incurred by the investor would be very limited.

10. Can I get my physical gold delivered to me? Are there fees?

Yes, you can get your physical gold delivered to you after the ICO ends. You will incur a shipping fee which is determined by Silver Bullion subject to location and the weight of gold.