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26/04/2017 GoldGuard Fintech offering to change the digital face of Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance, Fintech, Blockchain, Commodities

Dubai-UAE: 24th April, 2017- Dubai based GoldGuard, a gold bullion trading company, is set to make history with a Fintech offering that Islamic industry experts predict will change the face of digital Islamic finance.

GoldGuard has entered into a joint venture with OneGram, a digital payment solutions company, to offer the first Islamic digital token backed with physical gold.

GoldGuard will provide a secure gold trading platform, ensure physical gold is purchased and stored safely, and Islamic Advisors will keep the product fully Sharia compliant.

OneGram will manage the digital token, develop the Blockchain, and regulate the exchange.

GoldGuard Managing Director Mohammed Khan said: “We have once again affirmed Dubai’s position as home of Islamic Finance and digital innovation and I believe that GoldGuard will etch into history a game changer in the Islamic Finance, Blockchain and Fintech product offerings”.

The Islamic financial markets, particularly in London, GCC, and Asia, need safe, secure Sharia product offerings and, with markets remaining relatively unstable, a Gold Fintech solution may be the answer.