Why GoldGuard
High Security System and Full Insurance


GoldGuard considers security and assurance as central components of its relationships with clients, and aims at making customers feel as confident and secure as possible, through a carefully designed safeguarding system that makes purchasing and storing gold quick and safe. Security is integral to GoldGuard's ethos and reputation.

GoldGuard enables the purchase of gold at live spot prices and buy gold from our gold suppliers either in Dubai or in Singapore.

GoldGuard is licensed by Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), which was established in 1996, and based in a high security compound located at Dubai Airport, where security is given utmost importance and considered top priority.

GoldGuard is subject to frequent professional audits carried out by one of the Big-Four accounting firms and the Shariah Advisory Board. The Shariah Advisory Board undertakes the audit of Shariah-compliant service providers to ensure continued compliance over the life of the product. The audits are conducted by specialized professionals and Shariah scholars either on a periodic basis. The Board also partners with public accounting firms to provide audit of financial institutions under the guidelines issued by Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

Our security system is designed to guard and protect physical assets and all bullion is fully insured by our storage providers in Dubai and Singapore.

Regular backups will be sent to our audit advisor and a third party backup auditor.

All gold acquired is solely in the name of the client with full legal rights to ownership.

All gold will be physically bought by trusted board members of GoldGuard and stored in a high security vault.. Each bar has a recorded history and an absolute guarantee of its integrity and bullion content.

We take privacy of personal information very seriously and will safeguard it with multi-factor authentication, Customer accounts are verified by phone number (SMS), email and strong password for login and any authorization.

GoldGuard's focus is to provide a reliable method to global
customers to purchase and store gold transparency and risk-free.